Will Iran Win The Bidding For The 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup

One of the bookmaker's favorites to secure the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020 is Iran after they submitted their bid in order to attempt to host the competition. This was recently confirmed by  Reza Eftekhari the head of the Futsal committee for Iran's national football team. There are still a number of issues that need to be resolved for the bid to help secure the tournament but that has not stopped punters in their droves searching for bookie bonus codes so place a wager on it happening.

Ali Kaffashian who is the IFF chief when attending the Zurich FIFA committee was recently quoted that he believes there is an excellent chance of Iran hosting the competition but there are still two vital issues that need to be resolved. He also raised the point that he would prefer that the club Championship AFC Futsal should be changed from taking place every two years which sparked a large debate on the subject.

The popularity of Futsal is on the rise and this is especially the case in countries whose temperatures reach extreme highs. Playing indoors means that the game can be played in cool temperatures which are not possible in the soaring heat in countries such as Iran. The competition is organized by FIFA the world football association and since its inception in 1989, it has grown rapidly in popularity. This has helped to create hundreds of thousands of new facility all over the world to cater to the demand and we are now reaping the benefits of this.

There is still a long way to go for Iran to win their first even Futsal World Cup which has been dominated by Brazil who have won it five times and Spain who have won it twice.

All events prior to the 2008 World Cup has been 16-team events. The first event featured 6 from Europe, 3 from South America, 2 from Africa, 2 from Asia, 2 from North and Central America, and 1 from Oceania.

The 2012 event included 24 teams, making it the largest group. This edition featured a six group round-robin tournament, with four teams in each group. The top two teams in each group, together with the 4 highest-ranked third-place finishers, advanced to a sixteen team knockout final series. 

Iran is seen as the Kings of Futsal in Asia and has been crowned champions of the Asian version ten times. They are ranked 6th of the world for Futsal rankings and if they can host the Futsal World Cup in 2018 they will want to go all the way to the finals. The best that they have achieved so far was back in 1992 where they reached the semi-final. The team has excelled at the mini version of the Futsal World Cup by reaching the finals on two occasions back in 2007 along with 2009.

With the likes of the Czech Republic, Netherlands, United States, Georgia, United Emirates, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Croatia all pulling out of the bidding, it has open the way for Iran to secure the bidding. They will need to beat  Costa Rica, Japan, and Lithuania who are all making a bid to host the 2020 tournament.