Khordbin: "Afshin comes, Akbarpour and Golmohammadi Probably."

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PLDC - Parya Zaghand

Perspolis administrator told IRNA reporter: "This team is going to have a qualifying camp in Hanoover (Germany) in September for a better readiness. The camp lasts on August 25th-September 1st .While we have the training camp, we should play one or two qualifying matches in order to test our players."
He added: "Negotiations and correspondence are now completing." "Reza Shahroudi and Payan Rafat's presence is definite. Akbarpour's supposed to join Perspolis, and if Yahya wont play in Emirates he'll join us too.
I should mention that Peyrovani, although some other foreign clubs interested in him, will join us during the 2 weeks. "He said about the latest trades.
He added about the friendly match between this team and the Artists All-Star team: "This match will be on Friday and in Takhti stadium. It will be a half time between Perspolis and Pas and another half time with Artists. The main goal of this match is to help our victims of an earthquake.
"Perspolis is ready to help them and I hope that fans have a beautiful attendance in this match and help their compatriots. "He stressed.