Sports is a space where every person can openly come forward and compete for their passion. Recently, we have seen a growing movement to create more inclusive sports attire for LGBTQ+ athletes. This initiative gained huge momentum and positively impacted the lives of LGBTQ+ athletes. By this, we can understand how important it is to acknowledge and give a chance to every athlete who has the will to play. Because of being gender-neutral and inclusive of all body types, inclusive sports attire can help LGBTQ+ athletes feel more comfortable and confident on the field. 

A sports team supporting such an atmosphere can change social mentality by spreading positivity and promoting an accepting nature. Despite the many benefits of inclusive sports attire, every sports team can follow some fundamental and basic steps to promote LGBTQ+ athletes. Thus, in this article, we'll discuss how one can take the initiative to take advantage of inclusive LGBTQ+ sports attire to build a strong team that promotes unity and oneness. So, let's get started.

7 Ways to Empower LGBTQ+ Athletes Through Inclusive Sports Attire

  1. Be a Conscious Consumer
    Sports attire is an important factor in team spirit and a sense of coherence. Thus, it is necessary to be very particular while choosing them. Whenever it's time to decide on custom college apparel, make sure that your team goes for the brand that supports LGBTQ+ clothing. Moreover, it must be a team duty to make every player of the team feel like one and comfortable in the selected team sports attire.
  2. Speak Out Against Discrimination
    Sports give equal opportunities to all individuals. Suppose any person who is a coach or a team captain should take the responsibility to inform every member of the team that the behavior of discrimination will be strictly unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the team. By this, you can give all the LGBTQ+ athletes the confidence they need to come forward and showcase their best field skills.



  1. Spread Awareness
    The more you support LGBTQ+ athletes, the more the chances of having a team with pure talent. As a school, college, or organization, arrange sessions or special lectures to spread more awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. This can help students foster an open line of communication and a sense of understanding. Moreover, such institutions must promote college gear that is gender-neutral to have an atmosphere of broad mindset. 
  2. Be an Ally
    Be a friend to someone who needs support. Developing the thinking and nature of kindness is critical as a sports athlete. You can also help an LGBTQ+ athlete to come forward in any sport or field game. You can be an ally by being a safe space for LGBTQ+ athletes to talk about their experiences, speak out against discrimination, and support inclusive sportswear.
  3. Support LGBTQ+ Sports Organizations
    One step forward by every person is enough to make a change. Whether it is by spreading awareness, adopting a comfortable environment, or supporting various firms like LGBTQ+ sports organizations, these organizations strive to provide equal chances in many ways, be it sports or academically. And by supporting them, you can ensure that no LGBTQ+ athlete is left behind in your team.
  4. Go For Customized Sportswear
    As a sports team, one must welcome a space where creativity and support go hand in hand. To express their concern for the LGBTQ+ community, your team members can create something that LGBTQ+ athletes will feel comfortable and confident wearing. It will improve their field game and allow them to develop a state of acceptance and freedom to express their feelings.
  5. Promote Inclusive Sports Attire on Social Media
    Social media holds immense power and potential to bring change. And as a sports team, you should not let yourself behind the future that social media can bring. One can promote LGBTQ+ athletes wearing inclusive sportswear by sharing more and more posts. This will ultimately help all the team members to show their support and tell your LGBTQ+ athletes of their proud accomplishments.

End Note

The future of inclusive LGBTQ+ athletes' sports attire is bright if we are willing to adopt for a change. It all starts within one's heart. Many leading sports companies have started to create and promote a variety of gear and apparel to bring support and love for all to light. As a teammate, it is essential to respect the gender identity and expression of all athletes. By challenging discrimination and promoting inclusion in all sports areas, we can bring the change we all desire. Always remember to support and help every individual to develop the strength and confidence to live their lives as they want to.