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The excitement you feel in the lead up to another football season might be a highlight of your year, but that repeated nature might risk some novelty wearing thin the more it goes on. While there’s always room for fresh hobbies that can take some of the singular pressure away from football, it might be that you want to preserve your passion for this sport. Looking for accompanying interests can help to do that, while broadening your palette at the same time. To begin, thinking about the part of the sport that interests you most can help you to choose where to branch out.


An obvious answer for many would be gaming due to the popularity of games like FIFA that are essentially just a digitized version of the game. Throw in the fact that you can play this online with your friends, and you’ve got a way of expanding your pre-existing hobby in an entirely new direction. You’re not obligated to stick with sporting games, however, as there are a great many genres for you to leap into.

If you don’t already have access to a console, that might provide you with something of a barrier. Fortunately, mobile gaming is more advanced than it’s ever been, allowing for a range experiences from online slots real money to ports of familiar classics that you might have heard about before trying them for yourself.

Crunching Numbers

The part of football that you might be most interested in, though, could also be the more statistical side of things. Fixtures and previous scores can accumulate to paint a rich tapestry for any given team and player, and this can go a long way to making the game much more interesting to talk about. If you’ve previously been someone who’s enjoyed the sport as something to jump into very much in the present tense, exploring the past of your favorite teams can give you a better understanding of where they are now in relation to that.

Again, if you have friends who share this interest with you, you might find that this heightened level of knowledge allows for a renewed sense of discussion that brings back a sense of novelty that wasn’t present before.


Or, perhaps, you find it difficult to remove your interest from the sport itself. In that case, the answer might be to simply play the game. Having friends who share the hobby will once again help, allowing you to form sides in your free time, but if not, you could consider joining local clubs. It doesn’t have to be football, of course, and you might just want to take up other forms of exercise like running, swimming or playing tennis. Having an outlet for physical health is important, and it can be massively beneficial to your mental health as well. Therefore, if this is something that interests you, you might find it to be one of the healthier directions you could take your hobby.

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