EA FC 24

Video game lovers from across the world have been waiting for months for the release of EA FC 24 and here it has come, featuring 19,000+ fully licensed players, 700+ teams, and 30+ leagues, which include Iranian players.

Produced by US-based Electronic Arts, EA FC 24 allows individuals to play with thousands of real players from different teams and leagues around the world.

Iran, a country with a bright history in football, has many good players that video gamers may be looking for. In this article, we will show you the top Iranian players in EA FC 24, based on their ratings, attributes, and performance.

The highest-rated Iranian player in EA FC 24 is Mehdi Taremi. He plays for FC Porto in Portugal and has a rating of 82. He has impressive ratings in shooting (84), dribbling (82), and physical (81) stats. A great goal scorer, Taremi can do with both feet as well as his head. He has high composure (84), positioning (86), and finishing (84) skills, making him a dangerous player for the defensive lines of rival teams.

Taremi is also good at creating opportunities for his teammates with good vision (83), passing (76), and crossing (70) skills. Taremi can play different roles, such as a center forward, a second striker, or a winger.

The second-best Iranian player in EA FC 24 is Sardar Azmoun. He plays for Italy’s A.S. Roma and has a rating of 78. Like Taremi, he is also a striker who has excellent shooting (80), dribbling (79), and physical (77) stats.

He is able to beat defenders by using his strength (80), speed (77), and balance (79) and can find the net with his good shot power (81), volleys (75), and heading accuracy (80) skills. He can also dribble past opponents, with high agility (79), ball control (80), and skill moves (four stars).

The third rank is shared between three Iranian players namely Milad Mohammadi, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, and Ali Gholizadeh who have a rating of 73.

Milad Mohammadi plays as a left-back for K.A.A. Gent in Belgium with his amazing pace (83), defending (67), and physical (73) stats. A fast and energetic defender, he is able to cover the left flank with his stamina (85), acceleration (81), and sprint speed (85) skills. He can also tackle and intercept the ball effectively, with high sliding tackle (76), standing tackle (75), and interception (74) skills. He can also contribute to the attack, with decent crossing (70), dribbling (71), and passing (69) skills.

Alireza Jahanbakhsh, the Iran national team’s captain, plays for the Netherlands’s Feyenoord. He is a perfect choice for playing behind Taremi and Azmoun with his high pace (72), shooting (75), passing (69), and dribbling (74).

Gholizadeh plays for Poland’s Lech Poznań as a creative midfielder. His good pace (76) and dribbling (76) skills make him hard to be contained by rivals. He is also good at passing (68) and shooting (68).

Among other Iranian players that one should take notice of in EA FC 24 are Ehsan Haji Safi (72), Majid Hosseini (70), Sadegh Moharrami (70), Ali Alipour (68), Allahyar Sayyadmanesh (68). These players have different positions, play styles, and strengths that can suit different teams and tactics.

You can also build your own team with Iranian players or mix them with other nationalities to create a diverse and balanced squad. To do so, you will need to have FC 24 coins, a virtual currency that is used in the game and can be earned by playing matches, completing objectives, selling items on the transfer market, or buying FC 24 coins with real money from some online platforms like Eldorado.

While playing EA FC 24, you have numerous options about how to use Iranian players in the squad. Those who have watched Iranian players' performances may advise you to use Taremi and Azmoun as the main attackers while having Jahanbakhsh and Gholizadeh behind them. For defense, do not forget to employ Hosseini and Kanani.