The 2016-2017 Persian Gulf Pro League season was nothing short of exhilarating. Among all the stellar performances and heart-stopping moments, one team stood out, capturing the hearts of many: Persepolis FC. Their dominance and impressive play left fans and critics in awe. But what made this season unforgettable for Persepolis and its loyal fan base? Let's embark on a journey through that spectacular season, exploring the key elements of strategy, individual brilliance, and team spirit that propelled Persepolis FC to etch their name into the annals of Asian football.

The Key Matches

Thinking about that season, some big games are easy to remember. One big match is always the Tehran derby, where Persepolis plays against their big rivals, Esteghlal. These games are always exciting. On September 16, 2016, the teams played but neither team scored, so it was a 0:0 draw. The next time they played, on February 12, 2017, was full of action. Even though a player from Esteghlal got a red card and had to leave the game, they won 3:2. These matches showed how fun and unexpected football can be, although Persepolis dominated that season.

But it wasn't just about the big derby games that defined their season. There were other matches, but equally important, where Persepolis showcased their class. In a home game against Padideh, they secured their biggest win at home with a 4:0 for Persepolis. Their resilience in tightly contested matches and the ability to grind out results, even when not at their best, played a huge part in their journey to the top. They also went unbeaten for 13 games which is the longest run without losses in that season. Their performance was crowned with the Persian Gulf Pro League title and they became champions.

Surpassing the Odds

Every season has its challenges. There were times when the odds seemed stacked against Persepolis. Critics doubted and pundits analyzed, predicting potential pitfalls. But time and again, this team showed a knack for silencing the critics. When they were expected to stumble, they soared. Facing challenging away fixtures or going up against in-form teams didn’t deter them. They turned up and came out victorious. This unwavering spirit not only surprised many in the Asian football but also further solidified their reputation as true contenders. 

This team looked unstoppable. Even when things looked hard, Persepolis players had an incredible performance. They played strong, worked together, and often found a way to win. This showed everyone that they were not just a good team, but a team with a strong heart and lots of courage, making their wins even more special.

The Players and Strategy

Delving into the 2016/2017 season, Persepolis FC displayed an electrifying performance, a symphony of both youthful vigor and seasoned expertise on the field. Names that come to mind, such as Mehdi Taremi (he was top goalscorer of that season) and Vahid Amiri, were players who led the team throughout the season.

They illustrated not only their individual skills but also how seamlessly they melded into the team’s strategy, embodying both their roles and the overarching game plan. The plays were not random, they were proof of the strategic ingenuity of their coach, Branko Ivankovic. With only 7 losses that season and 24 wins, his strategy with team star Taremi was key to improve the team on top level.