Brazilian football star Neymar faces an extended period of time on the sidelines due to a recent injury. Following a World Cup qualifying match in which Brazil lost to Uruguay, it was confirmed that Neymar suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee. This unfortunate news was announced by Brazil's Football Confederation (CBF), and this will serve as bad news to football fans that intend to place a wager on him through privecity online casino, and this will be the same for Al-Hilal, who is hoping to compete for the Saudi Pro League.

The injury will necessitate surgical intervention, with the exact date of the surgery still pending. There is cautious optimism regarding Neymar's recovery, with sources suggesting that he might make a comeback in around eight months, just in time for the Copa América scheduled to be held in the United States next summer. 

In an official statement, Brazil's Football Confederation stated, "Striker Neymar Jr. of the Brazilian team and Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia, underwent clinical and imaging tests this Wednesday, which confirmed the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee. The striker will undergo a surgical procedure, on a date yet to be defined, to correct the injuries. The Brazilian National Team's medical department, under the supervision of Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar, and Al Hilal, are in permanent contact and aligned in the player's recovery."

The Brazilian has a wide record of being on the sidelines, and this became evident while he was playing for Paris Saint-Germain. However, injuries are a natural occurrence in football and a player can't be blamed for another's carelessness or intent on winning a ball. 

Neymar himself expressed his feelings about the injury on Instagram, acknowledging the challenges he will face during his recovery. He stated, "It's a very sad moment, the worst. I know I'm strong, but this time I'm going to need my family and friends even more. It's not easy to go through injury and surgery, imagine going through it all again after 4 months of recovery."

The Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal, Neymar's current team, also extended their well-wishes to the injured player. They shared a photograph on social media, depicting Neymar as he was carried off the field, accompanied by the message, "Get well soon."

The injury occurred during the match against Uruguay when Neymar tripped and fell during a run in the 44th minute. He immediately clutched his left knee and was surrounded by players from both teams. The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain forward was subsequently carried off the field on a stretcher, while Richarlison replaced him.

This injury marks the continuation of a challenging period for Neymar, who recently recovered from a serious right ankle injury sustained in a game against Lille in February, a game that was included amongst the bonuses at He had also faced a similar issue with his ankle during the Qatar World Cup, merely three months prior to the more recent injury.

In addition to his on-field challenges, Neymar was involved in an unusual incident where he was hit by a bag of popcorn thrown by fans after a match against Venezuela. He later responded to criticism from the media and fans regarding his performance, emphasizing his commitment to representing his country and giving his best on the field.

As Neymar embarks on this journey of recovery, his fans and supporters are eagerly awaiting his return to the world of football, where he has showcased his immense talent and skill for many years.

Having spent six seasons with the French club, PSG, the Brazilian finally parted ways with the club to join Al Hilal for €90 million ($98.6 million) in August, and his son, Davi Lucca, usually come for an holiday.