Who Invented Football

Do you know who invented football? Which country was this sport first officially played in? Let us explore the origins, evolution, and key milestones of the most played game in the world now. 

Who invented football? 

A great number of various cultures and ancient civilizations have been claiming primacy in the football invention. Starting from ancient ball games to medieval mob football, this sport has gone through a long evolution to where it is today. So, when exactly was football founded? Soccer experts still can't come to a consensus on this issue. Therefore, we decided to study the topic in-depth and tried to answer this question more or less objectively. We do not offer you the truth in the last instance. This is just our vision on this issue. 

What is a football game?

A football game is a competitive sporting event played between two teams. Each of them should get points by scoring against the opposing team. Football games are regulated by specific rules, often involving a combination of strategy, skill, and teamwork. Firstly, players cannot use their hands to purposely handle the ball. Secondly, such fouls as pushing, tripping, or dangerous play always result in free kicks or penalty kicks. Finally, games consist of two halves for 45 minutes each. Hence, football has already turned not only into a source of athletic competition. It also serves as a significant social phenomenon, which unites people and communities around the world. 

Who was the founder of football?

The origin of contemporary football was greatly affected by various civilizations and evolved over centuries. Numerous evidence suggest that ball games resembling soccer were played in both Chinese and Egyptian civilizations over two thousand years ago. For instance, in China, in a game known as “cuju,” players kicked a ball through an opening in a silk sheet hanging between two bamboo poles. FIFA officials state that more than 2350 years ago, football was already played as a type of special sport for militaries. It was practiced to check the physical condition of the troops. Concerning the word “cuju” origin, "cu" from Chinese can be interpreted as "to kick," and "ju" means a “leather inflated balloon.” Likewise, in ancient Greece, a game called “episkyros” involved using the feet to push a ball toward a goal. In medieval Europe, numerous historical manuscripts and chronicles prove that various localized ball games were played between neighboring villages. These games typically had no exact rules. So, they were rather rough and chaotic with large numbers of players. Therefore, the complete lack of common rules led to variations in gameplay across various countries. 

The crucial moment of football creation came in medieval Europe. England played a central role in appearance the contemporary version of this enormously admired game. The implementation of common rules was one of the key points in football history. In 1863, the Football Association was officially created in England. Its members immediately devised a set of rules that formed the foundation for modern soccer. Football experts often associate this moment with the birth of this game, which later became known simply as football in many parts of the world. While 1863 marked the formalization of the rules, the operationalization of the term “football” in England predates this period. The use of the term can be traced back to the 15th century. The earliest documented use is found in a 1486 proclamation by King James IV of Scotland. In that document, he mentioned “golf” and “fute-ball” as strictly restricted activities.

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On December 19, 1863, the first football match under the newly established rules took place. Two teams representing the Barnes and Richmond football clubs participated. The match held at Mortlake district in London featured teams. This historic event laid the groundwork for the structured and organized competitions that would follow. By the way, it was at this time that the British people started betting on sports. Today, you can use different bonuses, including the Bet365 no deposit bonus code from a popular bookmaker to wager on football matches. However, at that time, it was a real wonder for all football admirers. Over the years, the popularity of football in almost all countries continued to grow. Finally, in 1888, the English Football League was officially organized. This marked the beginning of regular competitions among clubs and provided a firm basis for the development of modern soccer.

To sum up

To sum up all the mentioned above, you see that the origin of football is a complex issue. Many countries contributed to its steady evolution over centuries. By now, no one is arguing about the fact that the modern form of football took shape in 19th-century England. However, it is crucial to consider the fact that plenty of factors influenced the evolution of this sport. In particular, these are ancient civilizations and medieval folk traditions. Consequently, the debate over who really “invented” this game remains full of loopholes. Many football historians insist that the overall development of this sport was a collective effort across time and cultures. Consequently, regardless of its origin, football has already turned into a global phenomenon. Currently, it captivates millions of fans and strengthens a true sense of unity that knows no borders and keeps on evolving with each new generation.