Iran Brazil

Opening Thoughts

The U17 World Cup showcases the incredible talent of some of the world's brightest prospects. Although it is a relatively new concept, over the last decade or two, it has put some of the greatest players of their generation into the shop window for the first time. Prominent teams like Brazil, Argentina, and even more recently, England have shown their prowess, with their precocious talents highlighting that the future is bright, and many international accolades could be theirs in the next decade or so if they can continue this incredible level of performance.

A Golden Generation Of Iranian Talent?

Each generation has a golden team that surprises pundits; the most recent example is the Belgium team, which had a nucleus of elite UCL-winning talents. You only have to take a look at the betting odds going into the 2016 Euros and the 2018 World Cup to get an idea of how strong their squad is. However, for those football fans who had watched these players develop, many knew this Belgian squad, much like the Spanish squad of the late 2000s, had something exceptional about them.

Just as football eras have golden generations, sports bookmakers don't often get it wrong, and you can take advantage of William Hill's free bets if you're looking to find the best market for current outright international markets. Sports betting companies will already be looking at this new crop of Iranian talent and eyeing up the odds of them upsetting the traditional big teams in 2026, 2030, or 2034, when many believe this team will be in its prime.

How The Game Played Out

Iran's magnificent 3-2 victory over Brazil was arguably the most exciting game of the entire tournament, and it had everything you would want from a nail-biting game of football. Brazil went into the tournament as favourites, as they often do. After 45 minutes of the game, it looked like they had victory wrapped up and were on their way to a decisive victory, as many had predicted. However, an inspired Iranian half-time team talk from Hossein Abdi galvanized the youngsters, and within 24 minutes of the second half - the game was dead even, with everything to play for. Stand-out performances from Kasra Taheri and Esmaeil Gholizadeh were the catalysts, and both players were vital in securing a victory that will be discussed in Iranian football for generations.

Can Iran Mount A Future Challenge For Football's Biggest Trophy?

The pressure continues to grow on Brazil, as their youth form also mirrors the poor form exhibited by their top players at last year's World Cup. Given the national team's incredible success over the previous 100 years and their ability to consistently churn out some of the most outstanding talents the game has ever seen, their fans expect the best. Traditionally, Iran has qualified for World Cups, but they have often fallen short when taking on the big names. This is why this result in this year's tournament in Jakarta could be the beginning of a new golden era.

Potential Future Challenges For Iran's Promising Youngsters

Many of the Iranian players have been linked with some of the top teams in Europe, and given that they weren't just able to hold their own against the favourites Brazil but go on to beat them comfortably, we could see them achieve something they haven't before and reach the latter stages of the men's tournament.

The England team that won the tournament in 2017 is now considered one of the world's best international teams. Starlets like Phil Foden, who won the Golden Boot, have gone on to fill their trophy cabinets with huge honours, but players don't always make the transition to the fully professional game. So, while it is exhilarating for Iran to defeat the likes of Brazil, they must not lose focus and should continue to work hard and generate momentum so that they can one day do it on the biggest stage - but the early signs are encouraging and bright.