Confident betting users who have been practicing betting on the basketball section for a long time can use any strategies. The main thing is that they should be effective. Online basketball betting can be quite tricky, when the bettor tries to catch the bookmaker on untimely updated quotes, and there are also quite understandable strategies. It is about the fact that you can always bet on the favorite. You can figure out for yourself who the favorite is if you look at the odds offered. They are always lower on them than on the opponent.

Statistics say that it is such teams that win more often. The only problem for the bettor is that such won bets bring not too big profit. It can be increased in the moment by increasing the size of the bet. If there is at least one failure, the game bank will sag a lot. Therefore, experienced bettors very rarely take pure wins of favorites, without prior complication of the forecast.

Basketball betting online on stronger teams

If you consider yourself an experienced fan, you can understand the approximate balance of power in the match. However, it is still better to do some preparation before basketball betting online, gather information through statistics of old matches, read comments from players and coaches. This way you will better understand in what specific form of the match this or that team approaches the match. Bookmakers also do this on the basis of their own sources, and then offer quotes.

If personally under your strategy proposed quote on the favorite is not satisfactory and you want to increase it a little, you can resort to the following methods:

  1. Guess the winner with a handicap, but take into account the possibility of getting a return.
  2. Try to guess the winner plus the individual or team total.
  3. Try to guess the winner, but not in the whole match, but in a selected half. 

Parlay bets work well in basketball matches, and you may well add several wins of favorites to one coupon. The final odds in the coupon can grow to 2.2-2.5, which is very nice. Remember that parlay bets always fail when at least one event does not play. Therefore, you should treat each new bet very carefully and never add additional predictions solely to make the potential earnings bigger. In practice, this almost never works. It is better to stick to your regular game strategy in basketball. This will allow you to have a high chance of winning. By the way, there are never any problems when withdrawing earnings on the Melbet platform.