Taremi Inter

As the summer transfer window appears, Inter Milan is set to welcome Iranian player Mehdi Taremi as a free transfer for the coming season. The Iranian striker, who has netted over 70 goals for Porto, is ready to bring his scoring capabilities to the Nerazzurri, with a contract reportedly worth €3.5 million annually over three years.

With Inter being optimistic about his arrival, especially with a 3-year contract worth €3.5 million a year and a good commission to his agents, there are talks about how Taremi can prove his worth to the Nerazzurri.

Here are six ways Inter can get the most out of Taremi next season.

Flexibility in Formations

Taremi has shown incredible flexibility in working with different kinds of formations. He has shown great goal-scoring capabilities, scoring over 70 goals since his role as a striker for FC Porto.

Inter Milan can capitalize on this flexibility by potentially switching between 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 formations. This shift between formations could allow Taremi to explore different attacking roles, such as a sole striker or in partnership with the potential arrival of Gudmundsson and with the presence of Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram.

Strengthening Link-Up Play

Taremi has shown great playmaking abilities and chemistry with midfielders back in FC Porto. The Nerazzurri are looking to sign potential midfielder Piotr Zielinski along with Taremi. If this works out, it can create great playmaking spaces for Taremi, especially if there’s great chemistry between these two.

Inter can create passing drills and team-building activities to better increase their morale towards each other, strengthen their link-up play and create more offensive chances.

Enhancing Set-Piece Efficiency

Alongside Mehdi Taremi, Inter Milan is reportedly eyeing several exciting signings this season, including Piotr Zielinski from Napoli, Tomas Soucek from West Ham United, Portuguese defender Tiago Djalo, and Atletico Madrid’s Mario Hermoso, as seen in several live odds on football transfer websites

The arrival of these players can potentially increase Inter Miami’s overall gameplay, compensating for both attacking and defending inefficiencies. To make the most of these new additions, particularly Taremi’s knack for goal-scoring on set-pieces, Inter must develop several set-piece strategies, specialized drills, and simulations that could help fine-tune their approach, thereby increasing Taremi's effectiveness in these critical match situations.

Focused Physical Conditioning

Inter Milan's conditioning program should not only focus on increasing Taremi's physical attributes but must also ensure he can survive on his packed fixture list, including the Serie A, the Club World Cup, and others.

Taremi is about to turn 32 this year so there must be extra care on his physical well-being to increase his efficiency. 

Their conditioning program should include several personalized recovery protocols that minimize the risk of injuries, such as cryotherapy and hydrotherapy to ensure quick muscle recovery and reduced fatigue.

Enhancing Direct Play with Precision Passing

Mehdi Taremi's impressive count of over 50 assists throughout his career indicates his strong vision and ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Inter Milan can focus on enhancing their direct attacking play by integrating Taremi's precision passing into their tactical approach to link up directly with rapid wingers and forwards.

Statistically, Taremi's involvement in build-up plays often leads to critical goal-scoring opportunities. For instance, his ability to deliver accurate key passes — averaging around 3 key passes per game in his last season at Porto — makes him a central figure in directing attacks.

Inter Milan can design training sessions that focus on improving the quick one-two passes in tight spaces, enhancing the team’s ability to intimidate organized defences efficiently. This approach not only plays to Taremi’s strengths but also ensures that the team maximizes its offensive output by turning possession into aggressive threats.

More Chances For Great Finishing

Mehdi Taremi has delivered a strong performance for Porto this season, netting 6 goals and providing 4 assists in 24 matches. His career totals—an impressive 100 goals and over 50 assists—speak volumes about his consistent ability to score in crucial moments.

To further enhance his finishing skills, Inter should implement specific drills that replicate match-pressure situations, enabling Taremi to refine his technique and decision-making in the box, especially with the assistance of new players like Zieliniski, he is promised to make great goals. 

The signing of Mehdi Taremi is a highly anticipated event, as the Nerazzurri highly hopes to exceed expectations with his signing. The move of Alexis Sanchez can create a wide gap in the attacking structure of Inter Milan, which will be compensated by Taremi's skillset. With new signings such as Mario Hermoso eyed out, the addition of Taremi can create a new path for Inter's success in this Italian season.