Players Who Love Gambling

World sport has long been the object of great attention from audiences of all ages. You can bet on any sport today both online and offline services. This adds to the audience's greater involvement in watching the competition and gives the sport itself more publicity.

However, there are examples of athletes who love gambling themselves and are not afraid to talk about it. In this top we will tell you about the top football players who are fond of betting, kasyno online, land-based casinos and other gambling games.

The Brazilian star is the epitome of Internet progress. Even before Neymar became a global star, the whole planet already knew about him thanks to YouTube clips. Then, after moving to Barcelona, the Latin American began a great career, in which among the achievements it is worth noting the victory in the Champions League, the championship in Spain and France, as well as the status of the most expensive football player in history (in the summer of 2017, PSG bought Neymar for 222 million euros).

Probably, many football fans know about Neymar's gambling hobbies. At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Brazilian got acquainted with poker. The striker got so carried away with this gambling game that he made his debut on the World Series tables two years ago. As the player himself notes, he likes to take risks both in football and poker. Neymar these games are about concentration, as it is important to read the opponent in any segment.

Gianluigi Buffon
The famous Italian goalkeeper, whose career began in the mid-nineties and ended only a few months ago, was a big fan of sports betting. There is a story that the Juventus goalkeeper almost missed the 2006 FIFA World Cup victory for Italy due to betting problems. It got to the point that Buffon was even summoned to the Turin prosecutor's office a month before the start of the tournament.

No violations were found in his actions, although 6 years later, before the start of the European Championship, he was checked again for suspicious bets. After the end of his career, Buffon said that betting is not a crime. And those players who bet on their game should be punished.

Nicolo Fagioli and Sandro Tonali
Buffon's words from the previous paragraph referred to the high-profile betting case of young Italian football players. At the beginning of this season, the facts were revealed that young and talented Italian footballers Nicolo Fagioli and Sandro Tonali made bets, including on the matches of their clubs.

Other Serie A players were also involved in the charges, but these two players were punished because they used the services of an illegal bookmaker. Fagioli was disqualified for 7 months, and Tonali for 10 months. Both players have undergone rehabilitation from ludomania and participate in many actions that help athletes get rid of gambling addiction. Their example makes it clear that with modern technology it is very easy to find access to the gambling world, which does not always bring only joy and income. These actions could destroy the careers of young football players, but very soon they will be able to play at a professional level again and their love of gambling will be legal.

Cases of gambling addiction among football players prove that literally anyone can become addicted to the game. Therefore, when starting a game, it is important to remember that only the player is responsible for risks and mistakes, income and joy, failures and worries. Don't forget, your losses and your income are your responsibility, especially when it comes to gambling.

Take an example from responsible players and place bets wisely, reinforcing yourself with experience and pumping skills. Great victories! Let the casino bring only joy!