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Serie A Review: Best Eleven Of The Week

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Francesco Antonioli (Roma) – What an awesome save he made on Mihajlovic's penalty! Awesome and fundamental: he averted a defeat that could have been devastating for Roma's morale.
Rahman Rezaei (Perugia) – Against Modena, the Iranian player was reliable as usual and even scored one of the most beautiful goals of the season. He's the living evidence that good players are everywhere in the world.

Walter Samuel (Roma) – It's not his fault if Capello keeps on fielding Mr. Unreliability Zabina alongside him. The Argentinean Rock did everything he could yesterday, but nobody can protect you from your teammates…

Nicola Legrottaglie (Chievo) – Last season's very good outings were not a flash in the pan: this guy is very, very strong. Milan's offence is not exactly the easiest one to face in this period, nevertheless the talented defender played a really great match.
Stefano Fiore (Lazio) – Mancini did a great job in rebuilding the confidence of the former Italy international, who is paying his coach back week after week: in the Rome derby he scored a goal, he hit a post and he limited Candela's offensive insertions.

Carlos Paredes (Reggina) – Finally, after a difficult start, the Paraguayan player is giving Reggina what the Amaranto expected from him: plenty of balls recovered in the middle, and yesterday even a goal which was worth the first win of the season.

Andrea Blasi (Perugia) – Against Modena, he showed once again why he's considered one of the most complete Italian midfielders. Simply a great match, both on the defensive and on the offensive side.

Antonio Filippini (Parma) – Against Atalanta, the former Brescia player gave a huge contribution in terms of dynamism and tactical care. The former Brescia midfielder is fundamental in Prandelli's lineup.
Antonio Di Natale (Empoli) – Piacenza's defenders just couldn't manage to limit him yesterday. You have already seen him in this Best 11 many times, and you will see him again: keep in mind his name, soon this guy will be a superstar.

Federico Cossato (Chievo) – The goal which gave Chievo the 3-1 over Milan was fundamental for the surprising win of Del Neri's men, and it was the right reward after a very solid and convincing match.

Adrian Mutu (Parma) – Just one word: unstoppable. When he's inspired, and this happened very often so far, there's no Serie A defender capable of limiting his boundless talent and imagination.

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