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Ziaei: I wouldn't coach Teraktorsazi

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Hassan Ziaei, who is one of the qualified candidates for the vacant coaching job at the Teraktorsazi Tabriz club after the resignation of Mahmoud Yavary cant take over the team. Yavary's resignation was not suprising since the team is at 13th place out of the 14 teams and has scored only 1 goal out of the 10 games played.

On a recent interview, Hassan Ziaei who wasn't aware of the vacant job at Teraktorsazi told the reporter that he is currently under contract with the Sena club and can not take over the team as their head coach. This is the second time that the management has turned to Ziaei for his help. Last time, Ziaei helped to bring Teraktorsazi back to the Azadegan league after dropping to DIV II.

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