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Goal difference led Pirouzi to QF

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Tehran, Feb 10, IRNA -- Five matches of Iranian soccer league were played Saturday out of which three ended in tie and two had winners.
During a nail-biting derby, visitor Pirouzi of Tehran and AbuMoslem of Khorasan tied 2-2 and the reds book a berth in quarterfinals due to their 1-1 draw in the first-leg match in capital's Azadi  Stadium.
Paykan of Tehran also stormed into the quarterfinals after its 2-2 draw with Kerman Copper, winning 3-2 on aggregate. Paykan won the first-leg clash 1-0.
Another Saturday's match ended in a tie in Ahvaz. The two teams of Foulad-e Mobarakeh of Isfahan shared the point with host team Municipality.
Earlier, Foulad-e Mobarakeh had defeated Ahvaz Municipality 1-0 in the first-leg match held in Isfahan.
In Hafezieh Stadium, Fajr-e Sepassi and Barq (both from Shiraz) played Saturday during which Fajr won 2-0 and rolled into the next round.
Tractor Sazi of Tabriz routed visitor Alvand Zob-e Felezat of  Hamedan 3-0, booking a spot in the next round.
In the first-leg derby, Tractor Sazi had trounced the Hamedani side 4-0.
Pirouzi and Abu Moslem played a spectacular football in Takhti Stadium, Mashhad.
Abu Moslem that was eager to be a quarterfinalist took the lead in the 17th minute after Hamidreza Rajabi opened scoring.  Five minutes after the interval, striker Hossein Badamaki tapped the ball into an empty net after a blunder by Pirouzi keeper Davoud Fanaei.
Making numerous attacks on Abu Moslem woodwork, Pirouzi reduced the gap by its striker Reza Jabbari whose superb header from a tight angle kissed the net in the 53rd minute. The reds did not manage to break down Abu Moslem defense line until last minute. Left winger Ali Ansarian salvaged a priceless point when his header in the 90th minute leveled the match, leading his side to the quarterfinal.

Fajr-Sepasi 2 Bargh-Shiraz 0 (Fajr-Sepasi)
Zob-Ahan 2 Shahrdari-Mashhad 1 (Zob-Ahan)
TeraktorSazi 3 Zob-Felezat Hamedan 0 (TeraktorSazi)
Shahrdari Ahvaz 1 Sepahan 1 (sepahan)
Aboomoslem 2 Persepolis 2 (Persepolis)
Mes Kerman 2 Peykan 2 (Peykan)


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