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Farid Mohammadi Zadeh

Farid Mohammadi Zadeh - Naft Tehran, Oxin Alborz

Date of birth:
1373-06-15 (September 06,1994)
Full Name:
Farid Mohammadi Zadeh
Naft Tehran, Oxin Alborz
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of

Persian Gulf Pro League IPL 2014-2015Naft Tehran000000
Persian Gulf Pro League IPL 2017-2018Naft Tehran030100
Persian Gulf Pro League IPL 2018-2019Naft Tehran000000
Azadegan League Azadegan League 2018-19Oxin Alborz100000

Match statistics

Tuesday 26 September, 2017 17:45
Tuesday 31 October, 2017 17:45
Saturday 03 March, 2018 15:30
Sunday 21 October, 2018 15:00