Abedzadeh survives surgical operation

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Tehran, March 3, IRNA -- Iran's veteran goalkeeper Ahmad-Reza Abedzadeh on Sunday evening survived a surgical operation on his brain, that had suffered a hemorrhage late Saturday night.
The attending neurosurgeon at the capital's Arad hospital Kazem Abbasium told IRNA on Sunday that Abedzadeh is now in a "satisfactory" condition following the successful operation on his brain and his chance of recovery is as high as 70 percent.
"Fortunately, due to the timely and early operation on Abedzadeh the percentage of brain damage and the side effects have been minimized," said Abbasium.
Abedzadeh, 35, the former skipper and goalkeeper of Iran's National Soccer Team, used to play for Tehran's Esteqlal and Pirouzi Soccer clubs.

His brilliant performance qualified Iran for the 1998 French Soccer Cup contests.
The charge for the surgical operation on Abedzadeh will be reportedly financed by Iran's National Olympic Committee, according to Secretary-General of the committee Bahram Afsharzadeh.
His former teammate, Behzad Gholampour, had already told IRNA on Sunday that Abedzadeh was taken to Iranmehr hospital after having a stroke late Saturday night. He was transferred then to the Kasra hospital Sunday for further medication, the former keeper of the Iranian national team added.

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