Hejazi pessimistic about Iran

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PLDC - In their second match in the 14th Asian games in Busan, Iran defeated Lebanon with the score of 2-0. This is an interview with Naser Hejazi (ex-head coach of Esteghlal of Rasht). He said, “I was busy and did not see the game. The fact that Mirzapour (Estehglal of Tehran goalkeeper) was allowed to play and Ivancovic does not allow Mehdi Rahmati (substitute goalkeeper) to play instead is only National team business. The coach can do as he sees fit and probably has his reasons for this.”

“Iran is very shortsighted and no one thinks about the future. We do not consider the next ten years and have not planned for it. We think of temporary victories only. We therefore stay at this level and do not improve. We need strong managers who think about the future. Our people now understand the realities and the facts.”

“The only problem for Iran in the first stage in Busan will be Qatar. They are very sharp and swift. Iranian players on the other hand do not like hard work and are too proud to make improvements.”

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