Mehdi Monajati wants National Team success


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PLDC - Mehdi Monajati, ex head coach of the Iranian National Youth Team has much to say about the recent victories and successes of the Iranian National Youth Team in the 14th Asian Games in Busan. In a recent press 
interview he said, "I am optimistic about the Iranian National Team. Any results gained by Iran in Busan will affect us so I hope they win the tournament or do very well."

"It is good if the Youth teams plays together for sometime. China has kept the same youth formation that they had 2 years ago and this has given the players time to understand each other and play in more harmony. 
This is good for football. I am sure that at least ten of the present youth players will be invited to the adult team and this will bring them success."

"I am afraid of giving any views now though because everyone will then think I am showing off and trying to sell myself. I am only telling you the realities. I am in full support of the National Team but they need more backing. I played in the National Team myself. When I opened the papers in the morning and saw positive attitudes, my performance increased by 30 percent. The newspapers can raise player spirits by writing positive articles."

"When we talk about the National Team we should consider the positive and the negative points together. Some the National Team youth players are future prospects for the adult team. Finally I think the National Team officials should not have left Karimi behind even if they did not want to use him. They could have brought him instead of Mirzapour and showed him proper respect."