Koch: "Mansour Pourheydari belongs to Esteghlal club."

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PLDC - Roland Koch: Mansour PourHeydari is a great football scholar that belongs to Esteghlal Club and can help us. I am glad that we can use his experience.

Roland Koch told in Qom that; "I was hoping Mr. PourHeydari can join us before the mid-season break which unfortunately was not possible, but I am now very happy that he is rejoining Esteghlal. In regards to Esteghlal's Tuesday game in the elimination cup against Faraz-e Qom, he said: " we needed this victory to ensure our qualification to the next round and we played a decent game and achieved our goal. Koch added that all of his starting players in the game were from the team's main squat and only Momenzadeh was benched to be rested. About his presence in the IFF's ruling committee he said that, "I repeat what I have said before and that is that the referees are responsible to obey certain rules of the game but as we saw in last week's derby, he had many problems, and also the referee is responsible for the health of the players specially since most of the players from both Esteghlal and Perspolis are national team players. I have always said that being a referee is a difficult task, and it is difficult to control the game sometime and that's why I always tell my players to be supportive of the referee and his assistance decisions, but when I see that the referee has break certain rules of the game, I will complain".  At the end, Koch said that in Germany few weeks before the beginning of the season the referees are sent to the clubs to judge practice games and teach the rules of the game which eventually creates healthy relationships between the referees and the players.

Posted by: Armin A.

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