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More Internal Problems for Perspolis

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It looks as if, Perspolis' problems are not decreasing, but increasing as the season goes on. Veteran Midfielder, Ismail Halali and Captain, Afshin Peyrovani have got into a altercatoin in Perspolis' last practice before their devastating loss to Fajr-Sepasi of Shiraz. It seems Peyorvani hit Halali from behind after Halali made him upset in the practice, and resulting from this scene, Halali lost some blood and was very mad. He left practice as he was advised to do so, by Hamid Estili.

Halali commented about the incident in a recent interview with Iranvarzeshi before the game against Fajr Sepasi, "Afshin hit me very hard, in a way that I have never been hit before. I don't know if it was on purpose, only God and Afshin know the truth." He went on to comment about why he left the scene so quickly, "I left because, I have respect for my elders. Hamid Estili advised me to leave to calm down the scene, so I listened to him." he also commented on the inconsistency of his team. Halali's closing comments were, "If I have done anything wrong, I want to apologize to all my elders, especially Parvin, Ebrahimi and Khordbin. I never wanted it to turn out like this, but I know that i was not at fault for the incident."

These incidents will only set back our football. A small incident like this, could have been one of the main reasons for Persepolis' shortcomings against Fajr-Sepasi. We hope that these things will not happen, and that our veterans can play aside each other without angering each other.

Arman M.

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