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Blazevic Contract Undecided

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TEHRAN -Iran's Football Federation announced Monday that the final decision on the Croatian coach of the national team Miroslav Blazevic will made soon, IRNA reported.
"The one-year contract signed between the football federation and Blazevic ends on Friday (January 11) and if he is to keep working in Iran, another one-year contract will have to be signed under the same terms, including the $300,000 wage.
According to the football federation, Blazevic had reached preliminary agreement with Iran before his January vacations in Croatia. In the past few months, sports dailies and periodicals in Iran have continued speculations on whether Blazevic will continue his services in Iran or elsewhere and whether the Iranian Football Federation will renew its contract with him.
Head of the Iranian Football Federation MP Mohsen Safaie Farahani said Monday that if Blazevic will not renew his contract, Iran will sign contract with another foreign coach, since he believes that, despite all their capabilities, Iranian coaches are not suitable coached for the national team.

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