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Interview with Mazloomi

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Esteghlal played away against Bargh Shiraz with the result of a 1-1 draw.

IranMania- The simple fact is that Esteghlal does not play well and cannot get results. This is the problem of a team who must soon play Al Etehad of Saudi Arabia and Perspolis. This situation is not appreciated by Iranian spectators who have fallen out with football and the stadiums, the players who are angry at each other and the coaches who feel the danger of dismissal.

Mansour Pourhaidari's assistant, Parviz Mazloomi, watched the game on Thursday, 27th December 2001 for the whole 90 minutes, he was constantly on edge and shouted at his team and finally spoke to us after the game.

Q: Clearly you are unhappy with the match?

A: We are not satisfied with the results. Whenever we are close to playing against Perspolis, the pressure builds up and the team loses morale.

Q: It seems that Esteghlal is still suffering from upsets?

A: No. There is no problem. The boys had a salary problem and that has been solved and fortunately they've been paid.

Q: Ali Moosavi hasn't been paid yet?

A: That's between him and Fatollahzadeh.

Q: So that's why he doesn't play now.

A: No, he is not playing because of injury.

Q: How much danger do the Esteghlal officials feel about the coming of Khalil Hojeij of Bosnia as a possible new coach? Do you feel threatened by him?

A: They can bring whomever they like. We are not dependent on anyone. We've given Esteghlal as much as we could.

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