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Khatibi, "I like Pas more than Persepolis now"

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IranMania- The Khodadad Azizi, Bahram Esmaeili, Mohsen Bayatinia, Mohsen Garoosi and Rasool Khatibi make up a very strong striker combination. Perhaps no other team will have the chance to score against Persepolis and Esteghlal as Pas did. No other player will probably score goals against both teams in one half season, as Rasool Khatibi did. He has made the impossible possible. He was interviewed about the game between Pas and Persepolis on Thursday, 4th January, which ended as a 3-1 victory for Pas.

Q: Your victory against Persepolis was an unexpected 3-1, and the two goals you scored were a bit strange too.

A: The goals I scored weren't the main issue. I don't know if it was luck or some thing else. If I hadn't received the back injury, maybe I could have scored again in the return attacks.

Q: You were supposed to train for the return attacks from before hand?

A: Our practices of last week on this problem were based on the Persepolis formation. We did have problems with the defense in previous games too. Our defense performed very well in this game though.

Q: But Persepolis says its loss was due to low spirits.

A: What does that mean? They had regular practice sessions. They knew about the game on Wednesday. Of course I don't think Parvin is to blame for the loss. They'll hopefully solve their problems soon.

Q: Why do you speak in that way? Do you still like the team?

A: I was supposed to go Persepolis last year, but it didn't happen. This year Pas has been reinforced in every way. The team officials support it well.

Q: Do you mean that even if they want you, you'll refuse to go?

A: I am very happy with Pas this year. I'll be here until the end of the season for sure. If things go on in this way, I may even stay another season.

Q: Well, do you still like Persepolis?

A:  I like Pas more than Persepolis now.

Q: Do you think that Pas will become the Champions?

A: We started the league with this in mind. The players employed by the club are all champions. We had some bad luck. I still think we may become first.

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