PLDC - Tehran, A legal expert says if Khalatbari has signed his contract with Ajman Club before the Emirates changed the name of their league, then he can legally leave the club.

Ahmad Reza Barati, a legal expert, said, "If Khalatbari has joined Ajman Club before the Emirates changed their league name, then he can come back to Iran without the need to pay a release fee."

He explained, "Khalatbari can leave the Emirates and cancel his contract with Ajman through legal procedures. But if he has singed his contract after the name change of the league, then he must be dealt with accordingly. "

The Iranian Football Federation has filed a complaint against the Emirates Football Federation, Barati commented, "There is plenty of historical evidence and documentation proving the correct name of this body of water, which is the Persian Gulf."

In recent years certain mischievous people, especially in countries to the south of Iran, have started a campaign to falsify the glorious name of the Persian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates changing the name of their league is just another one of these futile efforts.

By: Arman Tamjidi