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AFC - Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran's (FFIRI) has benefited from the AFC President's Initiatives, specifically for its live streaming division. 

Every year, there are at least 5,000 football matches being played across the country from the highest division football league to the different age-group tournaments, for men and women. 

This would mean that there is huge potential for these matches to be live streamed online and viewed by the masses, which would promote the game within and outside of Iran. 

A workshop and seminar was held for FFIRI officals and media representatives of the Iran Pro League, where they were trained in using the system and procedures. 

FFRI has been provided with initial equipment: one camera, one streaming device and one tripod. On top of that, an online streaming channel on has been created for the FFIRI. 

Before officially launching the streaming service, the FFIRI will conduct stadium surveys and revert to the AFC with a list of equipment to be provided.

You can see the first live streaming for Iran Div 2 match between Shahin Bushehr v Qashghaei.

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