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The online gaming industry has been on the rise in the last decade. More and more players want to join in on the adventure. And now, with people having immediate access to the internet, more players are trying out their first games. What is more, technological advancements have enabled people of all ages to play their favorite online games from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, players can play on a variety of different devices, such as mobile phones, PCs, and consoles.

Some of the most popular online releases right now are sports-themed games. With sports being watched and enjoyed all around the world, many online casinos offer a variety of different sports-themed titles. Many players enjoy betting at wagering advisors Canada because of an abundance of different sport-themed slots and games. From football and basketball to cricket and tennis, there are a variety of different choices. But which online title is at the top? Tune in to find out!

Online Casino Games

Slots are, without a question, the most popular content in any online casino. And online casinos all around the world provide thousands of different sport-themed slot titles. Furthermore, online slots provide a wide range of prizes and bonus games that will surely keep you entertained. Many online casino sites incentivize their customers with a welcome no deposit free spins bonus as a reward after creating an account. So, players can play various sport-themed slots as well as earn some extra bonuses. Moreover, many newer slot titles have a real image of the most popular sports players such as Messi, Michael Jordan, and many more. 

By playing with your preferred operator, you'll discover a space dedicated to your favorite sport, whether it's soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, or racing. Some of the most popular sport-themed slot games are Football Superstar and Big Bass Bonanza.


FIFA is a legendary football video game series created by EA Sports. Without a doubt, it's one of the largest video game franchises and it has been around for nearly 30 years. The first release under the FIFA banner was launched in 1993, and it was called FIFA International Soccer. Now, more than 20 titles later, the series has sold over 325 million copies.

The title brings football to life and allows you to play with your favorite football teams and players. Furthermore, you can compete against your friends or other players or play single-player modes.

The most popular FIFA feature is the Ultimate Team, where gamers compete against each other in real-time. In this mode, they can create their own team by buying and selling players and opening packs. Additionally, the game has a "Career Mode" option, which allows the user to manage their own club. This includes buying and selling players, competing in top competitions, and much more.

Some operators offer a live FIFA betting selection. This feature is quite popular with some gambling sites and esports fans love it. Punters can place bets on professional FIFA tournaments in real-time and even watch the game. Moreover, the games are usually short and have great betting markets, so they can be quite fun.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular and entertaining football-themed titles. The gameplay essentially mimics football but the players use cars instead of people. The matches are played out in a cage with two sides, red and blue, each with their goal. The winner is decided based on the score and the side that scored more goals wins. Depending on the team size, there are several different modes, the most popular of which are 3v3 and 5v5.

Additionally, there are numerous Rocket League events that slightly alter the gameplay, and allow the players to unlock new skins.

Football Manager

Football Manager is one of the most beloved football-themed titles. This video game series was created by the British developer Sports Interactive and is published by Sega. The first release of the series came out in 2005 and was promptly titled Football Manager 2005. Now, almost 17 years later, new Football Manager titles are still being released and are highly anticipated. Moreover, the FM 2021 became the fastest-selling product in the franchise when it sold a million copies in just two months.

The FM gameplay simulates managing a football club, where the player is the manager. Although the manager is in charge of team selection, staff meetings, transfer activities, training, and much more, the gamer does not actually play the matches. Instead, the FM game engine runs simulations with an AI which generates match results, goalscorers, player values, and much more. The manager can choose to watch the match broadcast in 2D or in 3D which includes different camera angles.

But, the reason so many fans play the game isn't its graphics or animations, it's their database. Players can choose between around 2000 real clubs to manage in 51 different countries. This includes the best clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich as well as clubs in the fourth tier of Finnish football. The fact that you can manage virtual players and clubs makes the game much more realistic and immersive. Each addition to the franchise brings something new to the table, which has fans excited for every new game in the Football Manager series.


NBA 2K is the indisputable king of all basketball games and did a better job of capturing the culture of its sport than any other basketball-themed title. Every year, the NBA 2K series appears to take the NBA industry by storm. 

The first NBA, which was initially launched by Sega and then later by 2K Sports, features high-quality graphics and fantastic animations. Furthermore, the developers are frequently making some gameplay upgrades and making additional modes that alter the experience.

Furthermore, if you prefer to play offline, NBA 2K is an amazing choice. In the latest NBA installment, you get access to the whole lineup of present teams. Moreover, 2K also allows you to choose from a variety of legendary clubs from NBA history.

NBA2K11 is the most popular title in the NBA 2K franchise. This was the best 2K release from start to finish, from the "Jordan Challenge" to the slick gameplay. All in all, this franchise is the most popular basketball game for PC, but it can also be played on a mobile device or tablet.


Formula 1 is praised as a high-quality racing game. The F1 experience is unequaled if you're interested in ultra-high-speed cars with that hair-raising engine flying down the 22 unique courses. For many fans around the world, Formula One has become a cult classic. From youngsters to veteran players of this game, everyone can enjoy the fun. Moreover, with the latest versions of the game, players can opt to play in a group or alone.


Online sports titles have dominated the gaming industry and online casino market in the past decade. With sports being a worldwide favorite pastime, there is no doubt that sports online games will only become more popular. Moreover, with the VR technology being introduced, players might be able to play their favorite sports games in the virtual world.