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Parvin not allowed in any stadium

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Ali Parvin, the official coach of Perspolis club.

IranMania- Ali Parvin, the Perspolis head coach, may possibly be barred from all stadiums in Iran as a coach. Though the nature of the news is odd, it may become reality. Parvin may have to purchase tickets as ordinary spectators do and attend and observe matches from the stands.

After the Esteghlal - Malavan Anzali game in the professional League last week, Parvin expressed heated comments regarding the unfair refereeing of the match. He was then asked to attend the disciplinary committee session of the Iranian Football Federation. Those who know of Parvin's temperament doubt that he will attend a disciplinary committee session.

A League Official commented in this regard, "If Parvin does not attend the session at the set time, a decision will be made in his absence. Then the special card for his attendance in sports stadiums will be revoked."

According to the League rules and regulations no one (coach, player, etc.) is allowed to object to any decision made by the League referees and officials. The same regulations also state that all coaches, players, and journalists must be in possession of a special attendance card for the games. These cards will possibly be issued by next week for all concerned.

The same official also added, "If Parvin does not present himself at the disciplinary committee session, his card will not be issued. If the card is issued beforehand and he receives it but  he still does not attend the session, it will become void."

Mansour Pourhaidari is another coach who was summoned to a disciplinary committee session because of his objection to the organization of the professional League. He was excused for his behavior when the committee learnt of his misunderstanding of the rules of the league.

Ali Parvin, who had throughout his career as a football player received only one yellow card, is now to be summoned to a disciplinary committee session. The disciplinary committee's summons of the great man was inevitable sooner or later. One of Parvin's close friends has informed us that Parvin will apparently attend the session.

Parvin also surely knows that the Professional League regulations are serious and will not make exceptions for anyone. There is danger in the air for Parvin.

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