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Ivancovic interview

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PLDC - Parya Zaghand

Branco Ivancovic, national team coach, answered reporters questions in an interview.
According to News Network reporter, Ivancovic announced his satisfaction of team evaluation and added: "Omid
performances in Croatia and Slovenia and also those qualifying matches against Azerbaijan made me hopeful for the Syria's Asian West tournament and Busan tournament."
When being questioned that Do you have some hope against such weak teams for instance Croatia?
he replied: "First of all we couldn't find better teams for these qualifying matches and second do you think that Dinamo Zagreb and Vartex are such weak teams? "he continued: "Collecting our team's players from 12 clubs and appearance of just 2 national players proves that we could reach to well successes."
Branco Ivancovic defined Azerbaijan as a powerful team in Europe and said: "Some believe that that team was not a good criterion for Omid but I should tell them that were you being informed about the Azerbaijan results in world cup qualifying matches?"
Branco added finally: "I have seen the qualifying results positive anyway and announced Farahani that he can send all the football teams in National Team level to this camp because it will bring positive results."

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