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1mil Toman Fine and 3 Months Prisonment, The Biggest Fine for The Biggest Defender

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PLDC - Parya Zaghand

It was just last year that one of the most famous captains of the capital city made a compliment about
of one the best defenders of another team and made the biggest football court in Iran.
This defender had told reporters that this captain, who was his teammate in the past, has given some money to reporters. A big fight happened between them. The captain also made compliment about him and a court being held.
All the friend's insisting  reached to nowhere and everything remained till the court make the best decision.
After few months the court announced it's final decision.
The court's decision was that all the evidences were not enough for making a  good decision, thus he is
convicted and should be prisoned.
The final decision was that he should pay 1mil Tomans and be in prison for 3months.
But certainly you'll never see him in prison because he can buy his prisonment.
This news has not been announced publicly but when the captain come from Europe he'll open the case again.
Wait because a big tornado happens.

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