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Britain refuses to issue visa for Iranian referee

ISNA - Britain refused to issue visa for an Iranian referee Mooud Bonyadifar who was to take part in the conference of British super referees league.

The Head of Iran's Football Federation (IFF) referees' committee, Masoud Enayat said Bonyadifar was among the six referees selected by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for FIFA's "Future" project.

He added every two years AFC selects 40 referees and picks 15 of them for special courses.

Enayat continued Bonyadifar was among the 15 individuals who were picked that 6 of whom were to be sent to the seminar in Britain based on an agreement between AFC and Britain's football federation.

Enayat also added UK embassy refused to issue visa for the Iranian referee although Britain's football federation had contacts with the embassy and sent letters for it.

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