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Parvin, We are ready to win

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PLDC - The head coach of Persepolis of Tehran, Ali Parvin, commented on team conditions on Wednesday 23/10/2002, before the match against Peykan on Friday, 25/10/2002. He said, Persepolis is in good shape and the boys are slowly becoming fully ready. On Thursday we will do light training in order to get ready for the match against Peykan.

We are trying to become league champions as last year and therefore we will play against every opponent in the best possible way. Peykan is a good team and it is our plan to get the three points of the match. We must also accept the reality that Persepolis and the other teams have not reached the optimum readiness and this fact was clear in the first week matches. I believe that the teams will do better in the second week.

The shock from the murder of the wife of Naser Mohammadkhani (Persepolis coach) is still affecting the club. Everyone in the club is still upset by the misfortune of this unfortunate family. We will not leave him alone and will try to prevent him from suffering and depression. We have talked to him and it has been arranged that he will join us on Friday for the game.

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