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Abolghasempour, “My problems are solved”

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PLDC - Behnam Abolghasempour, Persepolis striker, was absent in the first and second week of the Iranian Professional League and this seemed strange and some even thought that he had been put aside with the coming of a number of new players to the club. 

Abolghasempour says that this is far from the truth and in a press interview recently commented, “Parvin (Persepolis coach) believes in me and he had his reasons for keeping me on the bench for the last two games. I am sure that he has not altered his opinion about me. I had slight stress and I spoke to Parvin about it. This is between me and him. I am not an ordinary player here you know. This stress has brought down my performance and I could not follow up my training well in the recent past because of it.”

“Fortunately, the problem has been solved and I am doing all right now. Don’t forget that in the week one and two games I was among the top 18 players but I was only on the bench. The problems of Persepolis and their weak performance in week one and two will be solved eventually and the team will take proper shape. We’ll do well in the third week.”

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