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Possible reasons for sullenness of Sheikh Salman

Kafashian - Sheikh Salman

PLDC - Tehran, Cancellation of the news conference of Salman Al-Khalifa, the President of Asian Football Confederation, was the dark point for this distinguished Asian Football authority in Tehran.

Last night, in spite of the foretoken and the waiting of the reporters for an interview with the Bahraini head of AFC, in a strange move he decided to cancel his schedule in Tehran and leave for a dinner party held at the embassy of Bahrain.

Of course, his behavior is diplomatically considered an insult, since in the one minute lapse of the news conference of Sepp Blater he emphasized that he would talk about the Asian Football in the afternoon.

Sheik Salman, who did not even smile during the news conference of Blater, was angry because of a question asked by an Iranian reporter who asked about the arrest of Bahraini football players. Of course, there is other evidence that when he heard the name of the Persian Gulf several times instead of the faked name over his two-day stay in Iran, became angry. 

Anyhow, whatever the cause, Sheikh Salman of Bahrain left Iran regardless of his schedule in Iran.

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