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Bagheri was sacked from Persepolis Training. Denizli: I don't need him!

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PLDC - Mustafa Denizli,Persepolis Headcoach,prevented karim Bagheri from training with Persepolis.

IPNA reported: Karim Bagheri who left Persepolis camp in anger last Thursday,visited Ansari Fard in his office and after speaking to Ansari Fard accepted to attend Persepolis training sessions.

Bagheri went to Kargaran where Persepolis trains on 4PM, to train with other players but unexpectedly, Denizli told Bagheri to leave Kargaran and Persepolis training and go home.Denizli told him that he is not needed in Persepolis anymore.

Karim left Kargaran after the incident.
Persepolis was supposed to start training at 8PM in Harandi stadium, but it was changed to 4PM in Kargaran trainign field due to Persepolis financial problems.

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