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Hejazi, “Iran a launching pad”

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PLDC - Naser hejazi, ex-Esteghlal Rasht head coach, is a very frank and outspoken man. He has also recently become a middleman and apparently intends to provide Sturm Grats of Germany and other clubs with Iranian players. In a recent interview with the press he expressed the following views, “I don’t myself know what I must do in the future and nothing is clear at present.”

“We saw the results of having a foreign coach for Esteghlal. Everything I said in the past fell on deaf ears. If I had been the Esteghlal coach and had been defeated by Naft, I would have been fired the same night. 
Koch with his German system has lost to Sepahan (and nothing has happened).”

“I have decided not to say anything about Esteghlal anymore. The shape of our football at present is not good and Ivancovic is trying to find fame through us. We deserve to criticize football as it seems to be a launching pad for third rate coaches like Ivancovic.”

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