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According to Dadkan, Ansarian is not faced with a legal problem

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PLDC - Vinco Begovich has arrived in Tehran and team training will resume staring Monday. The public relations committee manager of Perspolis told our reporter yesterday: "Aslanian and Asadi's problem were only a minor disciplinary issue that Begovich himself wanted to deal with and has done so, and it has nothing to do with any outside issue, which if it did, they would not have even been allowed to come to the practices."

In regards to Ansarian's issue, he said: "According to the latest information we received from Dr. Dadkan, Ansarian is not facing any problems and he will rejoin Perspolis very soon, we are only waiting for IFF's final decision on the matter."

He also commented on Bargh's head coach and the law suit against him and said that our club will pursue this matter.

Also it was mentioned that since Mr. Chalngar has lately been occupied with some personal business and does not have enough time to spent with Begovich, he is only expected to come to the practice sessions so he can take care of his personal business for now. 

Posted By: Armin A.

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