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Rasoulpanah resigns as caretaker general manager of Persepolis


PLDC - Mehdi Rasoulpanah has announced his resignation as the caretaker general manager of the Persepolis on Friday night.

His resignation comes after a controversial recorded video was leaked in which he had criticized the team’s coach Yahya Golmohammadi and some of the players, including Shoja Khalilzadeh who has no joined Qatar’s Al Rayyan.

In his resignation letter, Rasoulpanah wrote he was proud of having the opportunity to serve his ‘favorite’ club ‘despite all difficulties and threats’.

He noted that he has managed to close nine out of 13 cases of the club’s debts to players and coaches, including Branko Ivankovic’s case, during his tenure.

“Today, following controversies created, and because I do not want Persepolis to face any problem, I announce my resignation and from now on, I will remain beside the team from the valuable position of the fans,” he wrote.

Rasoulpanah also apologized to fans and team members for his earlier remarks, while also calling on all members of the team to remain united to gain the 2020 AFC Champions League title.

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