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Ex-Iran captain Afshin Peyrovani attacks Carlos Queiroz

Peyrovani attacks Carlos Queiroz

PLDC – Former Persepolis and Iran national football team captain Afshin Peyrovani has heavily attacked Team Melli coach Carlos Queiroz after Persepolis and Pars Jonoubi match.

Queiroz had accused Peyrovani of abusing his trust in the time he was Team Melli director, saying Peyrovani betrayed the trust put in him by transferring the players to Persepolis. 

The Portuguese has recently revealed that when he fell asleep in the camp, Peyrovani has negotiated with some players like Jalal Hosseini and Vahid Amiri to join Persepolis. 

Peyrovani, who was suspended from all football activities for five years by Iran Football Federation, is recently acquitted of all charges. 

“Jalal Hosseini is very popular football player in Persepolis and we should not lie to the football fans. Hosseini never negotiated to Persepolis club at that time. It has nothing to do with me negotiating with the players when I was serving as director of national football team,” Peyrovani told reporters.

“I think Queiroz went to his room to sleep after receiving his salary for next several months. I was under no obligation to negotiate with the players when I was Team Melli’s director but I will advise all players to join Persepolis at the moment since Persepolis is the best club in the world,” he added.


“As you know, Queiroz is not a person who doesn’t know what is happening in the training camp. He wants to bring down credit of Persepolis. Mr. Hedayati (Persepolis rich fan) always was there at the dinner and it’s a big lie we negotiated with the players when Queiroz fell asleep,” Peyrovani said.  

Asked him what he expects about Team Melli in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, Peyrovani said, “I hope that we win the title but I know that it will not be an easy task. If Team Melli wins the title, it will be a great honor for whole of the Iranian people not for one person.”

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