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Iranian Female Futsal Referee Wants to Officiate at World Cup

Zari Fathi

Tasnim – Iranian female futsal referee Zari Fathi says she is going to officiate at the FIFA Futsal World Cup.

She has previously officiated the Asian Women's Futsal Championship and the World’s Students Futsal Games.

Now, Fathi is going to make a splash in her career, officiating at the biggest stage of the sport.

“When I started my career, my goals were small but I am looking for the big goals and want to officiate at the FIFA Futsal World Cup,” Fathi said.

The women’s futsal league has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak and she says staying home in the best way to stop this outbreak.

“I stay home and train to keep my readiness. Aerobic exercise can help the athletes to stay fit,” she said.

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