Scattered playing cards

Card games, regardless of whether these games are simple card plays or more sophisticated collectible card games (CCGs), have been popular with all age groups as a pastime for many years due to their unique game mechanics and unpredictable endings. This article focuses on the origin and evolution of card games, including poker.

The Origins

Let’s directly dive into the evolution of card games and gambling. The true origins of them are still unknown, but theories date them back to ancient China, India and Egypt. It probably began to be used for both gambling and fortune telling in the 9th century AD. Brought to Europe from Egypt by the Mamluks in the 14th century and introduced to the Italians there, these primitive forms of cards were beautifully illustrated and hand-drawn, so only privileged wealthy groups could afford them. As European countries adopted card games, they began to change their rules and introduce different types of these games.


A game known as poker, which is now played worldwide, was formed at the intersection of different card games from various countries. The present-day game took its origin in the United States in the first half of the nineteenth century and was strongly influenced by European precedents of Primero, Brelan, and Poque. Poque, in particular, a French game, played an important role in the creation of poker's name and structure. With the evolution of poker, these ancient varieties gave way to a 52-card deck and incorporated the flush and draw into its rules. The distribution of poker in America is intrinsically tied to its pioneering nature, as well as its westward expansion. Poker originated from the Mississippi River where riverboat workers enjoyed it during their journeys through America’s heartland.

Moving on, the game progressed into the 19th century. The 52-card French deck with full inclusion emerged and later, innovations like flush and draw were brought forth. With the American Civil War coming to a close, stud poker as well as straight come into the play style further diversifying its gameplay options.

Despite the transition to digital platforms, the social interaction aspect of poker has always remained intriguing. Online poker rooms and live dealer games recreate the traditional poker experience, allowing players to interact with each other and the dealer. Social gaming platforms further enhance this interaction and integrate poker games with social media, allowing players to share their successes and compete with friends. Let’s take a look at the future of the card games now.

The Future

It can be presumed that with the development of technology, card games will evolve to a whole new level. And it seems that the new world will be available to us via virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality, which are likely to transform the process of playing card games, creating an unprecedented level of immersion for players with full-featured virtual environments and interactive gameplay features.

Another area that is very intriguing and worth further investigation is the convergence of card games with other entertainment forms. As a case in point, it is possible to have board games being mixed with card games and result in all-involving escape room board games consisting of card-based puzzles as well as challenges. Games evolve in the card world, driven by the thirst to break through the barriers of possibilities that rule those with a keen sense of curiosity and an artistic way out of problems. Originating from simple playing cards, poker’s prominence gained momentum along with collectible card games captivating our minds and supplying fun without end. Given that you are likely to enjoy playing a good poker game among friends or probably gathering rare cards for a well-known CCG or even being immersed in the world of virtual reality and card games, it is not a lie that the revolution of card games is nowhere near its end. As we keep discovering more ways and incorporating new technologies into the game, it goes without saying that card games will forever be an activity cherished by generations.

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