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Begovich will stay, Ghamkhar will leave!?

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PLDC - A high official in Perspolis who did not want his name to be reported has apparently told a reporter that Vingo Begovich will stay in Perspolis but Akbar Ghamkhar will leave.

After the management meeting held last Wednesday with the presence of Mehr Alizadeh, the Physical Education Ministry's representative, a Perspolis official hinted of some changes to be made in Perspolis for the next season.

He told reporters: "For the next season, the management will have to look into the possible candidates as Perspolis's future Managing Director, and these candidates are not what the Media has in mind, nor are political leaders, but rather in sport management."

This top official, also said: "We are planning to have at least 8 young players in addition to our more experienced players, and we want to built a very strong team which might not necessarily have championship goals in mind, but building itself to become a world class team."

Posted By: Armin A.

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