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I`m Not Against Professionalism

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IPNA- Nasser Hejazi, Head Coach of the Esteghlal Shahrdari Rasht, said to the reporter of the Iran Pro League News Agency (IPNA): “Although we are thinking our football becomes professional but we are still far away from professional football. Our playing, facilities and playing grounds are not changed from the past, and if we need 100% of the facilities to become professional, providing 5% of them is necessary for the first of the way that this not happened in Iran Football yet”. He added: “ Unfortunately criterions of this league are not conformed with international standards, because Federation following models of a country like Singapore that still doesn’t have professional football itself. If a coach has enough time and wide facilities maybe can make some changes in this way but if he hasn’t these two factors together, couldn’t reach to his aims. I’m not against professionalism and in my opinion a League can’t become professional in all around the world without enough income. Our clubs income doesn’t cover half of their costs and one of the reasons is that we still don’t have private TV in Iran that it can pave the way for our advertising incomes".


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