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Pirouzi beats Paykan

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Tehran, Dec 10, IRNA -- The two teams of Tehran, Pirouzi and Paykan, clashed on Monday at a fifth-week match of Iran Premier Football Clubs Championships during which Pirouzi extended its winning streak.  Playing on the pitch of 100,000-seater Azadi Stadium, Tehran, in front of few spectators, the red-clad team of Pirouzi collected three points after defeating Paykan 2-1. 
The former national player, Ali-Asghar Modir-Rousta, put Paykan ahead in the 32nd minute after converting the penalty. 
It took the reds just three minutes to level the match when striker Behnam Abolqassempour headed home. 
In the second half, Pirouzi put Paykan under great pressure by continuous blitz on its woodwork until the young forward Amir Aslanian scored the winner, giving his side a 2-1 win.

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