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Blazevic to walk away from Iranian promise

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Sportalasia- After promising to renew his contract with the Iran Football Federation last week, Croatian coach Miroslav Blazevic has now opted to break that promise and take charge of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Speaking to the Bosnian press on Friday, the Croatian coach who failed to take Iran to the 2002World Cup Finals said the offer from Bosnia was too good to be true, and he is prepared to walk away from the verbal agreement he had with the Iranians.
"This is the best offer that I have had in my career," said Blazevic, "I have never had an offer half this good.
"I have told my friends in Teheran that I will not renew my contract with them. The conditions of the contracts were amazing and it would be job of my life, but I told them that I had made a promise to the executives of the Bosnian football federation and that I will keep my promise."
Blazevic’s appointment is likely to result in stern opposition from Bosnian coaches who have long been critical of his previous antics with the Croatian national team. Blazevic was accused in the past of ‘stealing’ talented Bosnians and converting them into Croatians.
"Blazevic stole some of the best Bosnian players and used them for Croatia. Players such as Sarajevo-born Mario Stanic and Bayer Leverkusen's Boris Zivkovic," said former Sarajevo, Betis and Sochaux coach Faruk Hadzibegic.
"The list is long and I couldn't believe it when I heard that he was in line to take over the national team. It would be a slap in the face of all Bosnian citizens. He was one of Bosnia-Herzegovina's biggest enemies during the war.
"That kind of man could not lead our national team."


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