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Salehnia return to Malavan

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Bahman Salehinia, former coach of Malavan returned to This team after 6 years. Captain Rashid Sazmand president of Malavan club, Told IRNA reporters: (We had some) Initial talks with Bahman Salehinia for accepting the post and he is going to start his work on Saturday.
Bahman Salehnia also said:” Regarding my 20 years Experience in this club and those negotiations we had
With managers and administrators of the club, I Announced my agreement to cooperate with this club."
He continued:” For me morality is more important than Signing a contract."
He also added:” I wiil sign the contract after the Introduction ceremony(which supposed to be held
Yesterday) He thanked Ahmadzadeh, Pourgholami, and Habibi,former Coaches of malavan and express his regret that they Want to leave the club.
Bahman Salehinia worked in this club as a coach for 26 years (1349-1375)
Ahmad Ahmadzadeh took his responsibility after Salehinia in 1378 but he doesn't want to continue anymore.

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